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VSAC Author and Steward Roles and Permissions

VSAC Author, Steward, and Group Roles and Permissions

VSAC Authoring Tool Permissions and Group Management

  • Authors create and edit value sets, and submit value sets to their steward for approval.
  • Stewards approve, reject, and publish submitted value sets from their authors. VSAC expects stewards to continue maintenance of their value sets, as terminology, science, and program needs change over time.
  • Groups are sets of authors or stewards. Author groups and steward groups may contain one or more members.
  • Authors and stewards work collaboratively as two groups to create, approve, publish, and maintain value sets.
  • Value set creators may choose to act as both their own author and their own steward.

For more information on how to request author or steward permissions, see the VSAC Author Registration page.

You can add and remove members within your own author and steward groups. See the Group Management page for details.