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VSAC Author and Steward Roles and Permissions

VSAC Author and Steward Roles

  • Authors and stewards work collaboratively as two groups to create, approve, publish, and maintain value sets.
  • Authors create and edit value sets. They subsequently submit value sets for approval by their steward.
  • Stewards review, approve, and publish their authors' submitted value sets.
  • VSAC expects stewards to continue maintenance of their value sets, as terminology, science, and program needs change over time.
  • Author groups and steward groups may contain one or more members.
  • Value set creators may choose to act as both their own author and their own steward.

VSAC Authoring Tool Permissions

Author Group Members
  • Create
  • Save
  • Submit
  • Withdraw
  • Edit
  • New Version
  • Clone
Steward Group Members
  • Approve
  • Reject
  • Withdraw
  • Publish

For more information on how to request author or steward permissions, see the VSAC Author Registration page.

Last Reviewed: June 28, 2018