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VSAC Support Center

VSAC Author Registration

What is a VSAC author, steward or group?

See the VSAC author, steward, and group roles and permissions page for details about these roles.

Do you need to join an existing group?

Current group members can add you to the group. See the Group Management page for instructions.

Are you a brand new VSAC author or steward and need to create new groups?

Go to the NLM Customer Support form, click the "Write to the help desk" button, and type the following text for these fields:

If you plan to create value sets in VSAC with a colleague who already has VSAC authoring permissions, please do not submit this form. Instead, ask your colleague to add you to their VSAC author and/or VSAC steward groups. For more information, see the Author/Steward Group Management page. Otherwise please continue and submit this form.

  1. Your UMLS user name:
  2. Your e-mail address:
  3. Your organization:
  4. VSAC authors create and edit value sets. Do you require value set authoring permissions? - Yes/No
  5. VSAC stewards approve value sets for publication. Do you require steward permissions? - Yes/No
  6. For what program or activity are you developing value sets? Include the URL for your program or activity. Note that the program or activity name will be reflected in your author/steward group names.
  7. Why does your program or activity need to develop value sets?
  8. Provide a contact person's name, email, and phone # for the program or activity noted in #6:
  9. Will this program or activity contact person you listed in #8 be acting as a steward, providing direct oversight to your authoring work in the VSAC?
  10. If you answered YES to #9, please ensure the contact person (steward) also requests VSAC Authoring permissions. When your steward applies for VSAC Authoring permissions, they should list you as working with them as an author, a steward, or both, depending on your working arrangement.

Last Reviewed: June 22, 2023