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VSAC Support Center

VSAC Author Registration

In the NLM Customer Support form, type the following text for these fields:

  • Subject of my comment or question: VSAC Authoring Permissions
  • My comment or question (required): Copy and paste the following questions into the comment field of the e-mail form, and provide your answers in the same comment field.
  1. Your UMLS user name:
  2. Your e-mail address:
  3. Your organization:
  4. Do you require value set authoring permissions? - Yes/No
  5. For what program or activity are you developing value sets?
  6. Provide a contact person's name, email, and phone # for the program or activity noted in #5:
  7. Will this program or activity contact person be acting as a Steward, providing direct VSAC oversight to your authoring work in the VSAC?
  8. If you answered YES to #7, please ensure the contact person (Steward) also requests VSAC Authoring access. When your Steward applies for VSAC Authoring permissions, they should list you as working with them as an Author, a Steward, or both, depending on your working arrangement.
  9. Name the Steward organization that will be reviewing your work:
  10. Do you require Steward permissions? - Yes/No
  11. For Stewards, provide the name and email for the program supervisor, if applicable:
  12. For Stewards, provide the organizations and/or names of individuals who will author value sets under your supervision:
  • Authors create, edit and submit value sets to a designated Steward.
  • Stewards approve, reject and publish submitted value sets from Authors.
  • Authors may choose to act as their own Stewards.
  • If the value sets you create will be stewarded by another organization you must identify the Steward's name and organization name during this VSAC authoring permission request process.
  • If you do not know the stewarding organization that will be providing direct VSAC oversight to your authoring work, please list your own organization as the current stewarding organization you will be associated with.
  • If you don't know of any other users from your organization that will be requesting a Steward role, then indicate you will also be performing the Steward role.