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VSAC 2.9.8 Release Notes

NLM launched VSAC update version 2.9.8 on July 1, 2015.

CHANGED: All Downloadable Files: Excel, Text, XML from API

We implemented the following changes in accordance with users' requests.

  • Value set purpose statements are viewable in the Description button within Value Set Details in Search Value Sets.
  • Excel files: The four purpose statements sections appear in four new columns; Code system OID appears as a new column; Expansion Version appears as a new column to the right of the Definition Version column; We moved the Expansion ID column to the last column as we do not recommend use of this identifier.
  • The SVS API XML files now contain purpose statement text for value sets when you use the RetrieveMultipleValueSets method.

Here is an example of the XML output containing purpose statements:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ns0:RetrieveMultipleValueSetsResponse xmlns:ns0="urn:ihe:iti:svs:2008" xmlns:xsi="">
<ns0:DescribedValueSet ID="2.16.840.1.113883.3.666.5.696" displayName="Any infection" version="MU2 Update 2015-05-01">
<ns0:ConceptList> [2883 lines]
<ns0:Purpose>(Clinical Focus: This grouping of value sets identifies patients who have a diagnosis of an infection.),(Data Element Scope: The intent of this data element is to identify patients who have a diagnosis of an infection. Using the Quality Data Model, this particular element will map to the Diagnosis category.),(Inclusion Criteria: Only use codes which represent infection as defined by the measure steward. Codes used are to be ICD10PCS, ICD9 or SNOMED-CT codes only.),(Exclusion Criteria: Exclude codes that do not meet the inclusion criteria. These include codes for fungal infections, viral infections and infections that are not documented as current or active.)</ns0:Purpose>

CHANGED: Version Terms

We clarified version terms in the Value Set Details table within the Search Value Sets tab, as well as in the value set editing screen of the VSAC Authoring Tool. Additionally, we added tooltip icons to provide you with descriptions of each term.

  • 'Versions' label clarified to 'Expansion Versions' in Value Set Details tab.
  • 'Definition ID' label clarified to 'Definition Version' in Value Set Details tab.
  • We removed the 'Expansion ID: yyyymmdd' label from the Value Set Members table of the Value Set Details tab. This identifier was not clearly defined and has caused confusion among our users.
  • 'Version' label clarified to 'Definition Version' in editing screen of the VSAC Authoring Tool.

NEW: Check Overlap of Value Sets

We added a Check Overlap function which will help you discover superset or subset value sets that include the codes within your value set. In the left frame of the editing screen of the VSAC Authoring Tool, click Harmonization and select Check Overlap. Refer to our June 25, 2015 VSAC Users' Forum webinar for a demonstration of these functions.

NEW: UMLS Semantic Types Tooltip

We added a tooltip icon to provide you with the UMLS definition of Semantic Types in the Semantic Type column header of the UMLS Concepts tab in the VSAC Authoring Tool editing screen.

CHANGED: CMS eCQM Measure Corrections

We updated the eCQM HTML files according to CMS: Corrections to the 2015 Update eCQM Measures for 2016 eReporting