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VSAC Support Center

Value Set Authority Center Users' Forum

The VSAC Team aims to gather feedback from current and potential users about your questions, needs, use cases and experiences as well as to present ongoing VSAC development and future functionality.

Participate in a Webinar

If you would like to receive an invitation and WebEx link for this periodic webinar, please subscribe to the VSAC Updates listserv.
We will caption, record, and post webinars in the archive below for future viewing.
Please send your agenda requests and questions for the next VSAC Users’ Forum:

Archived Webinars

November 20, 2015: VSAC Collaboration Tool Training: Part 3 of 3

September 17, 2015: VSAC Collaboration Tool Training: Part 2 of 3

July 23, 2015: VSAC Collaboration Tool Overview: Part 1 of 3

June 25, 2015: Value Set Similarity and Overlap Tools in VSAC

May 21, 2015: NIH Common Data Elements (CDE) Repository

April 16, 2015: Retiring Value Sets, and Hiding Draft Value Sets

March 19, 2015: Programs in VSAC: Beyond MU2

February 19, 2015: The VSAC SVS API

January 15, 2015: Creating and Updating Your Value Sets

November 13, 2014: C-CDA Content in VSAC

October 16, 2014: UMLS CUIs in VSAC; Value Set Text Downloads; Help Documentation

September 18, 2014: Intensional Value Set Development

August 28, 2014: Introduction to VSAC Collaboration Site Development

July 17, 2014

June 19, 2014