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Image of an African-American male dressed in a leopard skin dress and wearing make-up leaning on the hood of a green car. Jack of hearts playing card with the two faces of the jacks looking towards a condom placed on the card. A woman in a long black evening gown holds a wine flute in her right hand while leaning against a table with her left hand. A man is kneeling on one knee dressed like blue gingham dress wearing a black pigtail wig holding a basket with both hands on his left knee. Written in grey writing on a blue sky are the words Surrender Dorothy. An elaborate design drawn in yellow on a red background. At the top in black writing on a yellow back ground are the words Tu Eres un Alma. On the bottom right corner written in black letter in parentheses are the words you are a soul. Multicolored abstract drawing of two faces and their contorted bodies. In blue writing in the center are the words you are a soul. Anatomical drawing showing parts of the circulatory system, bones of a figure standing with its arms spread to the side. A red heart is drawn in the center of the body and there is an arrow pointing to the heart from the words written in black letter you are here. Stone statue of Cupid holding up Psyche. Psyche is holding a bowl in her left hand and neither are wearing clothes. At the top in red writing are the words Cupid revives Psyche sexual healing for all. Full face view of an Asian-American man wearing glasses looking to the side. The title I'm HIV negative but living with AIDS is written in yellow letter at the top. On the bottom right corner Where can I go is written in white lettering.
Jack of hearts playing card with the two faces of the jacks looking towards a condom placed on the card. A card with yellow and red sections dealing with the fact and fiction about HIV infection. It offers help in knowing your risks with a phone number to call.

Preventing HIV is not a matter of luck [Jack of Hearts]. HIV/AIDS Program, Seattle, WA. Ca 1995. Used with permission.