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The Healing Elements: A Native Hawaiian Perspective

A Native Hawaiin Perspective

The Healing Elements: A Native Hawaiian Perspective module consists of six one-hour classes that divide into three units as listed below. Each class provides a brief introduction, primary resources, pre-class assignments, and in-class activities, including discussion questions. Information about the module’s author, suggested use, and academic objectives are also available online at About the Module.

Introduction: Hawaiian Health and Well-Being as Holistic Health provides materials for one class that is designed to introduce teachers and students to the holistic nature of Native Hawaiian concepts and practices of health and Well-Being.

Case Studies of the Natural, Physical, and Spiritual Elements of Health explores each of these three elements in one of the following classes. In addition, the interrelation of land, identity, and health is explored in Class 5 in a case study focusing on the island of Kanaloa Kaho‘olawe.

The Persistence and Revival of Traditional Healing Practices focuses on traditional healing practices as a complement to Western medicine. This session reveals some of the general benefits of complementary healing practices to overall health and Well-Being.