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Lesson Plans

Charles R. Drew Through Digital Primary and Secondary Sources

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grade level 9–10 | subject - history and social studies

time needed

two 45-minute class periods


Students use the biographical narratives and primary and secondary sources on the Profiles in Science: The Charles R. Drew Papers website in order to learn about African American surgeon Charles R. Drew. In Class 1, students review what primary and secondary sources are. They then read the biographical narratives on the four sections of the site, and start on a group project, developing visual timelines for one of three different periods of Dr. Drew's life. Students prepare timeline presentations that include visuals from the site, as well as other sources that provide historical context. In Class 2, the groups will present their visual timelines to the class so that everyone will learn about all three stages of Dr. Drew's life. At the end of the class, students work in small groups to brainstorm then write individual essays that connect one of Dr. Drew's experiences in the early part of his life to one at a later time.