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For All the People presents the following classroom resources for K-12 and undergraduate educators and their students. These resources are designed to be starting points for exploring historical perspectives and existing tools and services for considering people‚Äôs access to health care in the United States. Educators are welcome to adapt them in whole or in part as appropriate for their students’ interests and learning goals.

Lesson Plans

The Power of Medicine

  • grade level: 7–10 | subject: history and social studies

This lesson plan uses “The Power of Medicine” from the For All the People online exhibition. Students review and identify key elements of the web page in evaluating different types of information available on an online source. They explore the images and information presented in “The Power of Medicine,” learning about different ways in which people worked to extend medical care to others in the past. Finally students are tasked to research and present the work of American nurse and physician, Lillian Wald and Leonidas Berry, MD, respectively.

Higher Education

Health Care Reform and History

The module examines a century of efforts to reform the U.S. health care system, from 1915 to the present. The six classes guide students through Progressive-era insurance campaigns, health politics in the Great Depression and World War Two, the passage of Medicare and Medicaid, the defeat of the Clinton health plan, and battles over the Affordable Care Act today. Selections of primary and secondary readings, cartoons, and videos allow students to analyze how changes in the economy, medical care, presidential politics, social movements, and the media help explain the differing results of health reform campaigns.

Health Care Reform and History is authored by Beatrix Hoffman, PhD, Professor of History at Northern Illinois University.

Online Activities

Communities & Health Care

Explore how ordinary people took extraordinary actions to create access to health care for their communities.

Other Resources

Continue to explore the history of and on-going debates over health care system and its reform in the United States, starting with the Curator’s Bibliography or Online Resources.

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