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About the Office of Engagement and Training (OET)

Our Vision

OET will deliver effective, equitable engagement programs to maintain relationships and build sustainable infrastructure in underrepresented communities, and will complement and enhance other NLM engagement and training activities.

Our Mission

  • Expand NLM’s presence in communities – externally - and provide a voice for the NLM end user - internally.

  • Build, maintain, and work actively through relationships and networks to increase awareness, use of, and trust in NLM collections, products, and services.
  • Establish connections that are effective, equitable, extensive, and educational, enabling OET’s programs and activities to accomplish our mission and fulfill our vision.

  • Focus efforts on our three functional areas: engagement, training, and capacity building.

What We Are Working Toward


By 2036, OET’s engagement and training programs will effectively and equitably engage stakeholders to facilitate access, delivery, and dissemination of NLM and NIH’s trusted health information resources, and through that engagement contribute to the research ecosystem.

  • We will aim to implement, refine, and enhance methods for precision engagement: reaching users at the time they need, via the method they prefer, and in a format they can use to make decisions about their health and wellness.

  • We will also maintain a dynamic partnership portfolio, an active network of partners in and representing NLM stakeholder groups who serve as trust brokers, community champions, and effective messengers. The emphasis is on building a network of networks to amplify the impact of NLM and NIH resources and research.

  • We will increase contributions to the research ecosystem. We aim to increase contributions to research from engagement and training in multiple ways. Strategies in this objective structure NLM’s largest engagement program—the NNLM—into a compelling environment to support NIH intramural and other research activities in partnership with NLM Extramural Programs, maintain diverse user groups to support product development activities, build capacity internationally, and add to the methodological evidence base of engagement and related sciences literature.

Last Reviewed: April 27, 2022