PubChem Training Course

About PubChem

Data Sources

Data sources are who supplies chemical data to PubChem. Data sources can directly submit chemical information to PubChem or PubChem will proactively add relevant chemical information from data sources.

PubChem Data Sources graphic showing Academic Labs, Governmental Agencies, Chemical Supply, Pharmaceutical Companies, Journal Publishers, and Individual Researchers pointing at the PubChem logo.

To browse the data sources that have contributed to PubChem, click here or on the Explore Data Sources link located below the PubChem search box, next to the statistcs.

PubChem Data Sources page screen shot

On the Data Sources page, search for a specific source or filter sources according to:

  • Data Type (covered later in this tutorial)
  • Source Category (the type of source, like a chemical vendor or journal publisher)
  • Source Status (if the source is actively contributing data or is a legacy source )
  • Source Country


Open the PubChem Data Sources page and answer the following questions:

  1. True or False? Chemical vendors contribute data to PubChem.

  1. True or False? PubChem contains data sources only from the United States.


You can also view details about specific data sources by searching for a source on this page. Find the search box located at the top of the page. Type Chemotion into the search box. As you type, PubChem will automatically start showing relevant results. (Hint: don’t forget to clear any filters!)

Click on the Chemotion link and explore its record to answer the following questions:

  1. Which country does Chemotion operate from?

  1. What type of data does Chemotion contribute to PubChem?