PubChem Training Course

Finding Chemical Information


A really useful feature of PubChem is that its records (e.g., Compounds, Substances, Bioassays, Genes, Proteins, etc.) are interlinked with one another, which means you can start a search with the information you have in order to find what you need.

For example, if you want to view BioAssay test results for aspirin, you can start by finding the Compound summary for aspirin, which includes a snippet of available BioAssay results with a link to view all available results in PubChem. Or, if you have a gene and want to see proteins that are related to it, you can find its Gene page and use the Proteins section to jump to related protein information.

This section will walk you through how to locate PubChem data and then navigate from within PubChem to the information you need. The next section goes in-depth about linking out to literature and other external sources, like PubMed and DailyMed, from within PubChem.

PubChem Aspirin Compound Summary screen shot