PubChem Training Course

Link to Other Sources

Links in Citations

Within a PubChem summary are citations with links to data sources for specific pieces of information, like an identifier or physical property.


Find the Best Match for sodium valproate.

At the top of the Compound summary of sodium valproate (CID 16760703) is a box that has some select information on the chemical. At the bottom of this box, there are three narrative descriptions of sodium valproate. Below each definition is the name of the data source (in green) that contributed it. These are ChEBI, NCI Thesaurus (NCIt), and LiverTox.

To view detailed information about the source and find the link, click on the chevron beside the source name. The URL links to the source material about sodium valproate.

Screenshot from the Sodium valproate compound summary page, showing links to ChEBI, NCI Thesaurus (NCIt), and LiverTox.


Open PubChem and answer the following questions:

  1. Find the Best Match in PubChem for Nicotine. Which three data sources provide the Associated Disorders and Diseases information? (Hint: Use the Contents menu to locate the Associated Disorders and Disease section)

  1. Find the Best Match in PubChem for Apixaban. Which data source provides the Color/Form information? (Hint: Check out the Chemical and Physical Properties section)