PubChem Training Course

PubChem Training Course

Picture of test tubes with blue and orange liquid, with the PubChem logo overlay.

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PubChem is a free and open tool from the National Library of MedicineĀ® that has become a key chemical information resource for scientists, students, and the general public.

This self-paced PubChem training guides you through how to access chemical property and structure data that the hundreds of academic, government, and industrial sources contribute to PubChem. It includes step-by-step directions for how to find chemical information using chemical names, identifiers, molecular formulas, gene symbols, proteins, pathways, taxonomies, and structures. It also shows you how to use the rich connections between PubChem and other resources (like PubMed) to explore chemical information further, and how to download chemistry data from PubChem.

This course includes:

  • Exercises

  • Additional Resources