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Currently Funded ACIOP Projects


Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago - HIV/AIDS and PrEP Parent/Caregiver Video Series

The HIV/AIDS and PrEP Parent/Caregiver Video Series seeks to improve access to HIV/AIDS health information for young people by educating and encouraging parents/caregivers to facilitate open and informed discussions with youth. Many adolescents who are at high risk for HIV/AIDS lack the necessary basic health information about HIV/AIDS or effective behavioral or biomedical prevention approaches, such as use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Parents/caregivers want to keep their children safe and healthy, but often lack the knowledge and confidence and other resources to have open and honest conversations about HIV/AIDS. Lurie Children's Hospital will bridge that gap by producing two educational videos (3–5 minutes each), featuring youth and caregivers from Chicago. The videos will model ways that families can engage their children in thoughtful and informed conversations related to HIV/AIDS and PrEP. The videos will include links and instructions on how to access resources, highlighting the National Library of Medicine® (NLM) HIV/AIDS resources, and will feature how parents can use this information to support ongoing conversations with their youth.

Charles R. Drew University - HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Project

The HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Project aims to increase HIV/AIDS-related knowledge and awareness among people living with HIV/AIDS and other at risk racial/ethnic minority populations in South Los Angeles. Additionally, the project will promote the use of the National Library of Medicine® resources, MedlinePlus®, AIDSource, AIDSinfo®, and through national conferences, workshops, and health fairs. Charles R. Drew University (CDU) aims to meet project goals by 1) enhancing access to NLM HIV/AIDS information resources through community mobilization efforts to promote PrEP; and 2) promoting a national conference highlighting HIV/AIDS’ impact in the African-American community by electronic and social media. From the conference, CDU will form a committee to develop a 5-year strategic plan to promote synergy in biomedical and behavioral research that focuses on health, reproduction, and HIV/AIDS-related risks to African-American women within the context of their environment, socialization, family expectations, relationships, and economic realities.

Desert AIDS Project - HIV/AIDS PrEP Information Outreach and Dissemination

The goal of the HIV/AIDS PrEP Information Outreach and Dissemination project is to expand the public’s access to HIV/AIDS information resources, including NLM HIV/AIDS information resources and Desert AIDS Project (DAP) HIV/PrEP/post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) resources. Information disseminated online and through print materials about HIV/AIDS/PrEP is important for preventing the spread of HIV in a region that is heavily impacted by HIV prevalence and rising HIV incidence rates. In collaboration with Palm Springs Public Library, DAP proposes to provide improved access to state-of-the-art HIV/AIDS/PrEP information resources online via websites and social media platforms, and through print materials. The project will target the public and at-risk populations in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The tools and community-based HIV/AIDS/PrEP education activities implemented will improve access to National Library of Medicine (NLM) HIV/AIDS information resources, expand knowledge of HIV/AIDS/PrEP, and broaden access to DAP’s HIV-specialty care and prevention services.

Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health - Youth Education Access on HIV (YEAH)

In collaboration with the Wayne State University (WSU) Connect 2 Protect coalition, Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH) will coordinate and implement the YEAH project in an effort to develop an informed and coordinated delivery system for improving access to HIV/AIDS-related health information for patients, the affected community, and their caregivers. The project goal is to eliminate barriers in access to information technology among Detroit youth in the short term and establish communities that are better positioned to decrease the incidence and prevalence of HIV/AIDS among Detroit youth in the long term. The YEAH project will 1) establish a high-functioning steering committee of at least six expert organizations to guide the project; 2) design and conduct at least two skills development trainings; 3) develop, design, and disseminate at least three health educational or informational materials about using NLM HIV/AIDS resources; 4) purchase hardware and software for the purpose of accessing and sharing HIV/AIDS-related information; and 5) conduct process and outcome evaluation.

RipplePHX - Lotería Project

The Lotería Project will leverage eight well-known Latinx community leaders and their influence to engage and educate Phoenix, Arizona’s LGBTQ+ Latinx community to reduce the spread of HIV in Maricopa County. The project will focus its efforts among Latinx men, Latinx transgender men, and Latinx transgender women who have sex with men who live in Maricopa County ages 21–34. The Lotería Project will host community-centric Lotería events with key influencers from the Latinx community to increase the Phoenix Latinx LGBTQ+ community’s access to NLM HIV/AIDS online information resources. The events will be supported with a high-impact social media campaign, featuring (and being driven by) RipplePHX and the project’s eight key influencers. This campaign comprised of weekly photo memes, animated fact bits, and Lotería event promotions, will drive click-throughs to NLM HIV/AIDS links and articles that are self-selected with personalized calls-to-action from the key influencers. Additionally, double-sided photo meme/fact sheet and printed insert cards placed in RipplePHX’s existing Safer Sex Kits will be distributed to the Phoenix LGBTQ+ community. The project will be driven from within the community and will be supported and joined by community partnerships aiming to coordinate with other HIV agencies and/or providers to provide additional training and to bring complementary services for individuals ready to take action.

San Francisco Public Health Foundation_PleasePrEPMe - Helping People Access PrEP: A Frontline Provider Training on PrEP Research, Care, and Navigation

PleasePrEPMe expands access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) through a searchable, location responsive national PrEP provider directory, in collaboration with; local HIV-prevention resources in English and Spanish for patients and providers in all 50 states; and online chat, text, and phone with experienced navigators. The goal of the project is to update and promote the online PrEP navigation training program “Helping People Access PrEP: A Frontline Provider Training on PrEP Research, Care, and Navigation.” A major benefit of the PleasePrEPMe online PrEP navigation training program is that frontline staff around the U.S. are able to complete modules from their office or home without the time or expense of travel. Through distance-based technical assistance by online chat and email, PleasePrEPMe staff will provide individual coaching and share additional materials and resources tailored to trainees’ local epidemic situation, needs, and priorities.

Taking Effective Action - SISTAH Voices (Sisters Inspiring Sisters to Activate Health)

Taking Effective Action, Inc. (TEA) designed SISTAH (Sisters Inspiring Sisters to Activate Health) Voices to increase access to accurate, current, evidence-based information on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment for Black women aged 18 and older residing in Prince George’s County, Maryland. TEA will achieve this goal by developing and disseminating HIV education materials based on the National Library of Medicine’s HIV/AIDS resources and tailored to women’s specific needs and interests and by improving women’s capacity to retrieve information from the National Library of Medicine’s online HIV/AIDS resources. To accomplish these goals, TEA will conduct: 1) quarterly filmed informational roundtables; 2) a social media campaign that will advertise the roundtables and the project overall; and 3) a culturally competent Web page on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment information to the TEA Web site Learn section.

The Prevention Collaborative, LLC - NLM Outreach for Heads or Tails and Amigos y Amantes (“Friends and Lovers”)

The project goal is to create and market HIV educational resources featuring information from and links to the National Library of Medicine (NLM) HIV/AIDS resources by disseminating tailored, culturally relevant print and digital comic books to clinics, libraries, community-based organizations, and consumers. All previous Instagram animated story images, “Heads or Tails” and “Amigos y Amantes,” will be developed into comic book formats. The books for “Heads or Tails” will be in English and “Amigos y Amantes” stories will be available in both English and Spanish. NLM information will be included on the inside front covers, as well as inside and outside back covers. The Prevention Collaborative will partner with Project STAY, a New York-based clinic serving the target audiences to review final materials. The target audiences include men sleeping with men and transgender individuals of color who are living with or at risk for HIV infection, as well as those affected with HIV/AIDS, and service providers who work with these populations. Project STAY will also participate in dissemination activities, both at their clinical and outreach events and through their network of healthcare providers. The Prevention Collaborative will disseminate the materials nationwide to clinics, libraries, community-based organizations, and directly to consumers.

Last Reviewed: February 19, 2021