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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification_index

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Schedules—Relationship to LCC

These LCC schedules are not used by NLM

  • QM—Human Anatomy (NLM uses QS)
  • QR—Microbiology (NLM uses QW)
  • R—Medicine (NLM uses QT-QZ; W-WZ)

These LCC schedules supplement the NLM Classification for non-medical topics

  • B—Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
  • G—Geography. Anthropology. Recreation
  • H—Social Sciences
  • J—Political Science
  • L—Education
  • Q—Science
  • SF—Animal Culture
  • Z—Bibliography. Library Science

LCC schedules used by NLM with restrictions

  • D-E History (used mainly for wars)
  • K—Law (rarely used)
  • QD—Chemistry (Use QU or QV for biochemistry or pharmacology)
  • QH—Natural History. Biology (General) (use QU, etc. for biomedical aspects)
  • QK—Botany (Use QV 766-770 for medicinal plants; or WB 925 for Herbal Medicine
  • QP—(restricted to wild animals)
  • T—Technology (Use QT for biomedical engineering)
  • U—Military Science (Use only for administrative aspects)
  • V—Naval Science (Use only for administrative aspects)
  • When using an LC class number subdivided by geographic or A-Z topic, this information is included in the classification number
  • If a double LC cutter is present, NLM does not use the second cutter in the classification number

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