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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification_index

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Expanded Country Notations

  • Table G provides a state or political unit breakdown only for the United States and Great Britain
  • A work that is limited to a city, or a state, province or its equivalent, takes the geographic notation for the state or country, or for the smallest area below the national level that has its own notation
  • Other heavily used state or country notations may be modified to form county (province, state, etc.) or city notations by the addition of .1 (county) or .2 (city) to the appropriate notation
  • The modified Table G numbers are not included the NLM Classification Table G outline
  • Although NLM only uses the expanded notation for historical materials, other libraries may use them as desired

Expanded Country Notation Examples

Table G Subordinate Political Unit
AM3 Maryland
     AM3.1 M7      Montgomery County
     AM3.2 B2      Baltimore
DC2 Canada
     DC2.1 B8      British Columbia
     DC2.2 V2      Vancouver
FE5 England
     FE5.1 M6      Middlesex
     FE5.2 L6      London
KA8 Australia
     KA8.1.A8      Australian Capital Territory
     KA8.1. N3      New South Wales
     KA8.1.N6      Northern Territory
     KA8.1. Q3      Queensland

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