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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

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United States—Special Instructions

  • Special provisions are made for United States government documents published at the federal, state or local level
  • Works pertaining to the internal affairs of the various departments or agencies of the U.S. Federal Government, with the exception of the Armed Forces, use the Table G cutter "A"
  • Publications pertaining to the internal affairs of the Armed Forces take the following Table G cutters:
    • A1 Department of Defense
    • A2 Department of the Army
    • A3 Army Air Forces (to 1947)
    • A4 Department of the Air Force
    • A5 Department of the Navy
  • AA1 is used for materials pertaining to the United States as a whole but not to the internal affairs of the government
  • AA1 is used also for materials that span four or more states or territories, unless there is a number for the region
  • Each state is provided with a separate number
  • The only city appearing in Table G is New York City

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