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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification_index

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Cuttering of Serial Call Numbers

  • Cutters are only assigned to tangible serial resources. E-journals and other serials on the Internet do not have a cutter added to the W1 or other serial classification number
  • Dates are not assigned to serial call numbers
  • NLM assigns complete call numbers to all serials at the point of order

Cuttering of W1 Call Numbers

  • The cutter is based on the title established for the serial at the point of order, using the Cutter-Sanborn Three Figure Author Table (1969 ed.)
  • A W1 cutter consists of the first two letters of the main entry in uppercase letters, followed by the Cutter-Sanborn number (may be extended up to four digits and/or additional uppercase letters if needed to make the cutter unique). However, numbers will be adjusted to make the title fit in proper alphabetical order with other NLM titles

W1 Examples

  • Journal title: Masters in cardiology
    • 060 00 $a W1 $b MA423
  • Title: Journal of psychiatric education
    • 060 00 $a W1 $b JO867S
      • Additional digit and uppercase letter needed because so many titles begin with "Journal"
  • Title: Journal of psychiatric educators
    • 060 00 $a W1 $b JO867SB
      • Two uppercase letters supplied so the titles shelve properly
  • Title: Online health journal $h [electronic resource].
    • 060 00 $a W1
      • Title is online only, no cutter is supplied

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