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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification_index

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Exceptions to Strict Alphabetical Arrangement for W1 Serials

  • If the title or main entry changes between the time of order and the time the title is cataloged, the cutter is not changed
  • When a new serial record is created for a major title change and the previous title is in NLM’s collection and the numbering of the previous title is continued, NLM retains the cutter of the original title on the new title


  • Original journal title: Issue brief
    • NLM assigned call number: W1 IS667BK
  • Title changed to: NHPF issue brief
    • Call number remains: W1 IS667BK

Change from a Classification Number Assigned at Order

  • If at the time of cataloging it was determined that the W1 call number was assigned in error and the serial should really get a subject classification number (because the serial is a directory, handbook, etc.), then the W1 call number is changed

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