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VSAC 2.10.1 Release Notes

NLM launched VSAC update version 2.10.1 on September 25, 2015.

UPDATED: Code System Versions

RxNorm 2015-09

NEW: Keyword Management for VSAC Authoring

Keywords are character strings that stewards can create to tag the value sets within the VSAC Authoring Tool, filter value sets by a particular keyword, and send groups of specific value sets to a VSAC Collaboration site. Find more information about Keyword Management in the VSAC Support Center.

NEW: VSAC Authoring Tool User Profile

When you login to VSAC, your UMLS username appears with a drop-down menu symbol in the upper right region of the VSAC window. You will find your User Profile in the Keyword Management section. User Profile displays your UMLS username and lists each VSAC Author group and Steward group to which you belong. This new drop-down menu also provides links for Author Registration, Contact Us and Sign Out.

NEW: Video Tutorial

We are pleased to announce a new video tutorial: Authentication with the Value Set Authority Center (VSAC) SVS API. This tutorial demonstrates how to perform proper authentication, using your UMLS credentials, when submitting requests to the VSAC REST API. You may access this tutorial in the VSAC Support Center.

COMING SOON: VSAC Collaboration Tool

We expect to release the much anticipated VSAC Collaboration Tool in October, 2015. VSAC authors and stewards can post their value set content from the VSAC Authoring Tool into the VSAC Collaboration Tool to be viewed, discussed, or voted by group members and others whom stewards invite to their group. NLM requires the free and easily obtained UMLS License Agreement for all VSAC Collaboration Tool participants.