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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2012AB ICD-9-CM Source Information

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VSAB: ICD9CM_2013, MTHICD9_2013

Summary of Changes

ICD-9-CM officially has minimal content updates for 2013.  In an effort to synchronize long descriptions in the Metathesaurus with CMS data, a different set of source-provided files has been used for "codes" (represented as TTY = "PT" in the Metathesaurus), resulting in changes in MRCONSO.STR for cases where the CMS long description is different from the 2012 Metathesaurus string.   2012 strings that were identified as lexically different from the CMS 2013 long description have been preserved as entry terms (TTY = "ET").  Chapters, categories and subcategories (represented as TTY = "HT") have mot changed.

Note: On 08/09/2012, CMS issued corrections to full descriptions for 41 diagnoses codes.  These changes were identified too late for incorporation into 2012AB.  Affected codes are:

  • 28412, 317, 3180-319, 32341, 32342, 36501, 48811-48819, 64670-64673, 79552, 9685, 9950, 99560-99569, 99931, V1649, V1659, V1781, V1789, V184, V2649, and V792.

Source Provided Files:

Full and abbreviated code titles:

Downloaded from



Entry terms, hierarchy and attributes:

ICD9CM in the Metathesaurus was originally processed in 1999 using a combination of machine-processing and human review.  Through ICD9CM_2012, the Metathesaurus was updated annually using the addenda, available in pdf format from the following sites:
Attributes, entry terms (SAB = MTHICD9, TTY = ET), and hierarchical Terms (TTY = HT) were extracted from these files.


Identifiers are assigned as follows:
  • CODE: ICD9CM code value
  • SAUI:  Not applicable
  • SCUI:  Not applicable
  • SDUI: same as CODE
Note:  MTHICD9 "ET" atoms are closely related but not necessarily synonymous with their ICD9CM "PT" or "HT."  Therefore, they are assigned the same SDUI as the ICD9CM "PT" or "HT" with the same code.

Atoms (MRCONSO):

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Term Type Origin
CODE:  CMS30_DESC_SHORT_DX.txt, CMS30_DESC_SHORT_SG.txt.  The CODE/SDUI is extracted from the first field.  A decimal point is inserted as appropriate.
STRING:  CMS30_DESC_SHORT_DX.txt, CMS30_DESC_SHORT_SG.txt:  field 2.
SDUI:  Same as CODE
CODE:  All non-leaf nodes are assigned TTY=HT.  In the .pdf addenda, new HTs are generally tagged as "Chapter," "Category," or "Sub Category"
STRING:  A fully-specified version of the string
SDUI:  Same as CODE
CODE:  CMS30_DESC_LONG_DX.txt, CMS30_DESC_LONG_SG.txt.  The CODE/SDUI is extracted from the first field.  A decimal point is inserted as appropriate.
STRING:  CMS30_DESC_LONG_DX.txt, CMS30_DESC_LONG_SG.txt:  field 2.
SDUI:  Same as CODE
CODE:  The ICD-9-CM code corresponding with this entry term.
STRING:  Most MTHICD9 ETs were generated by parsing the 1999 data file, and were then reviewed by Metathesaurus content editors.  In the .pdf addenda, ETs sometimes appear directly under the primary string, or they may be tagged as "Inclusion term". 
SDUI:  Same as CODE

Attributes (MRSAT):

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Attributes were extracted from the .html and .pdf files based on the following guidelines:

Attribute Name Description
Additional codes note
Information containing the following pattern:  "Use additional"
Code also note
Information containing the following pattern:  "Code also"
Entry term(s)
Entry terms appearing directly under the primary string for a given code.   The ICE attribute contains the original string as it appears in the data file, with "{" used to indicate indentation.  Where applicable, individual entry terms have been extracted and are represented as atoms with SAB="MTHICD9" and TTY="ET"
Fifth-digit code note
Information containing the following pattern:  "[Ff]ifth-digit"
Instruction providing additional coding information
Information containing one of the following patterns:  "Code first" "Code, if applicable" "Note:" "Requires"
Scope note
Information containing one of the following patterns:  "Excludes:" "Includes:"

Definitions (MRDEF):

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No definitions are available for ICD9CM.

Relationships (MRREL):

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Inverse RELA
<no rela>
Hierarchy built from the ICD9CM decimal-based code format, along with higher-level section headings and categories.
<no rela>
Connect MTHICD9/ET atoms with PT or HT atoms with the same code
<no rela>
Connect PT and AB atoms with the same code

Mappings (MRMAP):

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No mappings are supplied by ICD-9-CM.  Mapping to ICD9CM are supplied by other sources, such as SNOMEDCT.