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ExhibitionAn Extraordinary Life: Paradise Lost

In Frankenstein, the intelligent and sensitive creature created by Victor Frankenstein reads a copy of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, which profoundly stirs his emotions. The monster compares his situation to that of Adam. Unlike the first man who had “come forth from the hands of god a perfect creature”, Frankenstein’s creature is hideously formed and abandoned by his creator.

  • Man and woman stand nude on a rock ledge, surrounded by wildlife; man's left is arm is outstretched.

    Adduxit ea ad Adam, ut videret quid vocaret ea from Dictionnaire raisonne universel d’histoire naturelle (And brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them from Universal annotated dictionary of natural history), 1791

    Author: Jacques Christophe Valmont de Bomare (1731—1807)

    Courtesy National Library of Medicine