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Exhibition Program

  • Patricia Tuohy

    Head, Exhibition Program
  • Elizabeth Bland

    Exhibition Coordinator
  • Dan Caughey

    Exhibition Coordinator
  • Jiwon Kim

    Exhibition Educator
  • Erika Mills

    Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Jill L. Newmark

    Exhibition Registrar
  • Abigail Porter

    Asset Coordinator


  • Manon Parry

    Associate Curator
    History of Medicine Division
    National Library of Medicine

Creative Services

  • Experience Design

    Exhibition Design
  • Link Studio

    Web Design & Development

Education Contributors

  • Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz, Ph.D.

    Smith College
    Northampton, MA
  • William R. Jones

    Lakeview High School
    St. Clair Shores, MI
  • Christy Osterbeck

    Lakeview High School
    St. Clair Shores, MI

Special Acknowledgements

History of Medicine Division

  • Jeffrey Reznick, PhD

    Chief, History of Medicine Division
  • Kenneth Koyle

    Deputy Chief
  • Roxanne Beatty

    Web Programs
  • Maria Dela Paz

    2008 Summer Intern
  • Laurie Duquette

    Library Systems
  • Lindsay Franz

    Library Systems
  • Margaret Kaiser

    Acquisitions Librarian
  • Elizabeth Mullen

    Web Programs
  • Yani Yancey

    2009 Career Enhancement Program Fellow Association of Research Libraries

Office of Computer and Communications Systems

  • Wei Ma

    Chief, Applications Branch
  • Winston Churchill

    Applications Branch
  • Joe Potvin

    Applications Branch

Harvard University, Schlesinger Library

  • Amy Benson

    Librarian and Archivist for Digital Initiatives
  • Diana Carey

    Research Librarian, Visual Resources
Last Updated: 25 March 2024