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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

SNOMED CT® Browsers


Available from the Applications and SNOMED CT menus. Search for and display SNOMED CT content, as included in UMLS® Metathesaurus®. Expands searches to include synonymous terms from over 100 Metathesaurus vocabulary sources.


  • Registration Requirements: Free with UMLS Terminology Services login
  • Additional Notes: Web-based browser with UMLS enriched data

Other Browsers

The SNOMED CT terminology browsers listed on this page have been discussed in IHTSDO forums, cited in the paper below*, or submitted by UMLS users. This list is solely provided as an added resource and is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all SNOMED CT browsers.

To have a browser added to this list, send a message to NLM Customer Support with the subject “SNOMED CT Browser.” Please ensure that your browser complies with the IHTSDO Conditions of Use of SNOMED CT Browsers before submitting it for inclusion in this list. This guidance is essential reading for any person or organization providing a web-based or other publicly available SNOMED CT browser, or a service that provides access to SNOMED CT. It is also relevant to users of such services.

Disclaimer: The National Library of Medicine (NLM) does not endorse in any way the browsers described in the following tables. NLM does not make any warranty, expressed or implied, or assume any liability or responsibility for the use of these browsers.

Additional Browsers

Browser Description

B2i Meaningful Query

Search and browse the US, UK, and International Editions of SNOMED CT with subsets from SNOMED International, Kaiser Permanente and the United Kingdom Terminology Centre. Create your own queries and subsets and use them to group patients that share the same characteristics into cohorts, identify trends and correlations, and create analytics notebooks to test and visualize clinical hypotheses.
  • URL:
  • Registration Requirements: No registration required for browsing. Optional use of a free UMLS Terminology Services account allows saving and downloading terminology queries and subsets, patient cohorts, and analytics notebooks.
  • Additional Notes: Web-based browser that is part of a large commercially available application.
  • Point of Contact: Contact support at General inquiries can be sent to


HealthTerm® is a high-performing global Enterprise Terminology System that enables data exchange and semantic interoperability in the healthcare sector. HealthTerm® is used within some of the world’s largest and most complex enterprise terminology projects within EHR/HIE implementations such as Orion Health and IBM Watson Health.
  • URL:
  • Registration Requirements: Registration is required.
  • Additional Notes: Web-based browser.
  • Point of Contact: Christopher Trunk Black, Head of Global Communications and Marketing,


This is IHTSDO's online, multilingual SNOMED CT Browser. As well as the International and Spanish editions, the browser hosts SNOMED CT extensions from Member countries, including the United States.
  • URL:
  • Registration Requirements: This is a free browser, whose source code is available under an open source Apache v2 license.
  • Additional Notes: Web-based, multilingual, open source SNOMED CT browser.
  • Point of Contact: Email:
ITServer (Integrated Terminology Server) Online browser with fast searches, hierarchy filtering, and various other interesting features.
NCI Term Browser Provides reference terminology for many NCI and other systems. It covers vocabulary for clinical care, translational and basic research, and public information and administrative activities.
Protégé Open-source platform that provides a suite of tools to construct domain models and knowledge-based applications with ontologies.
Snoflake Snoflake is a FREE online SNOMED CT Browser, with support for ICD10 code search. Snoflake now includes UK and dm+d (UK Drug) extensions, subset, suffix & favourite filtering, user favourites, prefix searching and more.
Snow Owl Snow Owl® is a collaborative terminology browsing and authoring platform built on the open-source IHTSDO Terminology Server. It maintains terminology artifacts developed by a team and supported by business workflows. Snow Owl supports authoring national and local SNOMED CT extensions and creating subsets and mappings to local code systems, LOINC, ATC, ICD-10, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-AM, and more.
VTSL Browser Browser is designed to search and browse SNOMED CT International release as extended by VTSL to include the Veterinary Extension which now holds all non-human, veterinary content.
Visual Read Visual Read provides a range of SNOMED CT browsers, including a powerful automatic coding tool of free text that returns SNOMED CT codes (AutoCoder), a SNOMED CT text browser (Text Code Browser), and an anatomy browser containing over 100 anatomical images which have been arranged to allow for rapid navigation to both external and internal areas of the human body (Graphical Code Browser). Visual Read also supports a wide variety of other medical coding schemes including Read Codes versions 2 and 3, OPCS-4 and ICD-10.
  • URL:
  • Registration Requirements: Purchase may be required
  • Additional Notes: Browsers can be embedded within host systems or can run in standalone mode.
  • Point of Contact: Telephone: +44-116-254-4645, Email:
West Coast Informatics Browser Search and browse the US Edition of SNOMED CT with West Coast Informatics' SNOMED terminology browser. Web-based, lightweight, open source, and mobile friendly. This browser's features include textual searching, hierarchical searching, expandable concept report, access to metadata, discovery of extension content within full hierarchy.

*Rogers J, Bodenreider O.  SNOMED CT:  browsing the browsers.  Paper accepted for presentation at: KR-MED 2008.  Representing and sharing knowledge using SNOMED; 2008 May 31-Jun 2;  Phoenix, Arizona.  Available from: //

Cited with permission of authors. 

Last Reviewed: January 27, 2017