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Preferred Terms

One term from among the various names within a concept is identified as the preferred term. Preferred terms are computed from a list of ranked source vocabularies.

A default ranking of vocabularies is provided within the MetamorphoSys subset tool. Users can select the vocabulary for preferred terms when customizing their own subset.

Below in the left column is a listing of the terms that could identify the concept Hodgkin's Disease. From this listing, one term, Hodgkin Disease is selected to be the preferred term and represent the concept.

Collection of terms in the concept:
disease; Hodgkin
Hodgkins disease
Hodgkin Disease
Hodgkin's disease, unspecified
Hodgkin's disease, unspecified type
Hodgkin's disease (clinical)
Hodgkin's disease NOS, unspecified site
Hodgkin's disease NOS (disorder)
Hodgkin's sarcoma (clinical)
Hodgkin's sarcoma NOS
Hodgkin's sarcoma of unspecified site
Hodgkin's sarcoma of unspecified site (disorder)
Hodgkin's sarcoma-unspec. site
Hodgkin lymphoma
Lymphogranuloma, Malignant
Lymphogranulomatosis, malignant
Lymphomas Hodgkin's disease



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