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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

UMLS User Support

The UMLS project reaches out to users through a variety of methods. Users are encouraged to select the method that works best for them, remembering that all critical information will be emailed to the licensee email address on file. The following options are available to UMLS users:

  • UMLS classes and tutorials
  • The UMLS Web site
  • The UMLS News RSS Feed
  • The UMLS Listserv
  • Online/Distance Education Courses
  • The UMLS Community
  • UMLS Customer Support

The UMLS Web site holds copies of important publications and presentations, up-to-date release documentation, tools, and learning resources. MEDLINE/PubMed contains articles on the UMLS written by NLM staff and UMLS researchers and users. From the UMLS Web site users can also join the UMLS listserv or access customer support..

UMLS Users can subscribe to the UMLS News RSS Feed to receive news about the UMLS Knowledge Sources and related resources,including upcoming Webcasts. News items are also posted on the UMLS News Web page.

The UMLS Listserv hosts an open community of UMLS users. While the listserv is monitored by UMLS staff, most questions are answered by community members. Currently, the listserv receives a small volume of traffic related to problems users experience and questions relating to application development. Listserv archives are searchable via the ListServ Web site.

Online/Distance Education courses include this UMLS Basics Tutorial and narrated Quick Tours such as MetamorphoSys RRF Browser Restrict Searches and Views Option.

NLM posts tools, such as database load scripts or sample Web service applications, created by UMLS users on the UMLS Community page. While these tools are not guaranteed to function on all platforms, contact information for the creators is provided to spur discussion and encourage a culture of users helping users.

Additionally users can contact UMLS Customer Support with specific questions.

Last Reviewed: July 29, 2016