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Create an NIH or NSF Biosketch with SciENcv

This workshop was offered virtually on February 23 & 28, 2023.

NCBI Faculty:  Sherri Holland Bailey, MLIS

Workshop Duration:
  1.5 hours

Content Difficulty:  Beginner

Target Audience:

Today’s workshop was designed as an introduction, using selected hands-on technical tasks, to prepare for your or your PI’s U.S. government federal grant proposal biosketches.

Workshop Description:

A key step in preparing an NIH or NSF grant proposal is the preparation of biosketch and financial support documents. These contain critical information used in the proposal review process. NCBI has created Account Tools to assist in the creation and production of these documents for both agencies. This workshop is designed to help senior personnel and their staff who have been delegated to manage the proposal development process with specific task-based, hands-on activities.

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • What information is needed to become a delegate
  • How to use My Bibliography to create and store a reference list
  • How to create and export an NIH or NSH biosketch and other award support document using SciENcv

Data Access Technology:  NCBI Website

NCBI Resources: 
NCBI Account, MyNCBI Dashboard, My Bibliography, PubMed, PubMed Central (PMC), SciENcv

Last Reviewed: March 16, 2023