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Interlibrary Loan

For DOCLINE participants, the National Library of Medicine serves as a source for material not available through local, state, or regional libraries. For information about joining DOCLINE, please contact the National DOCLINE Coordinating Office.

Academic, public, and special libraries that are not DOCLINE members and that have established an interlibrary loan account with NLM may submit their requests through the NLM web portal.

Keep in mind that NLM is the library of last resort for biomedical materials that are not available elsewhere.  All interlibrary loan requests submitted through the portal must include complete citation information including the NLM Unique ID from LocatorPlus

NLM's preferred delivery methods are email and post-to-web.

For questions about NLM’s interlibrary loan service, please contact NLM.

Individuals who need access to medical literature should make a request through a local library.