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The Visible Human Project

Projects Based on the Visible Human Data Set

Sources of images and animations

  • Marching Through the Visible Man (paper written by Bill Lorensen of the GE Imaging & Visualization Laboratory).
  • Marching Through the Visible Woman (companion paper by Bill Lorensen of the GE Imaging & Visualization Laboratory).
  • GigaPan Time Machine Developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute. (Currently, only Safari 5.0+ and Chrome 7.0+ Browsers are known to be fully compatible).
  • Visible Human Research (Arctic Region Supercomputing Center; includes renderings and animations based upon CT and RGB data from both the male and female datasets).
  • A Guided Tour of the Visible Human (Washington University Medical School - The MAD Scientist Network).
  • The Virtual Human (Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago).
  • The Vesalius Project (Creating a Computer-Based Anatomy Curriculum - Columbia University).
  • Computer Graphics and Medicine (MIRALab - University of Geneva)
  • MPIRE (Massively Parallel Interactive Rendering Environment - an interactive, distributed, direct volume rendering system for Cray T3D, Cray T3E, or SGI workstations, from the San Diego Supercomputer Center).
  • Stanford Visible Female, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California.
  • U-SCALE Computer Aided Learning Environment for Human Gross Anatomy Project (DEMO from the University of Saskatchewan - Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.x: Java and javascript enabled, and accepting cookies).
  • Visible Human Project DICOM CT Datasets from the University of Iowa Magnetic Resonance Research Facility.
  • The Visible Human Project-Reduced Data Sets (Normal [Fresh] CT scan data sets for both the male and female in reduced resolution - the University of Wisconsin).
  • Voxel- Man Gallery ( images and animations of the torso from the University of Hamburg).
  • daVinci (prototype simulator for performing vascular catherterization and interventional radiology procedures - Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore).
  • Animating the Visible Human Data Set (Rutgers University, VIZLAB).
  • 3D quilling art of cross sections of the human body using images from the Visible Human Project (by Visual artist Lisa Nilsson).
  • Peel-away Visible Human Movies for the Palm Pilot (Medical Multimedia Systems).

Last Reviewed: December 13, 2022