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The Visible Human Project

Full Color Anatomical Images

Six slices from the Visible Male

a_vm1125.png [Bitmap image. 3,274 KB]

a_vm1450.png [Bitmap image. 3,479 KB]

a_vm1675.png [Bitmap image. 3,250 KB]

a_vm1950.png [Bitmap image. 3,205 KB]

a_vm2300.png [Bitmap image. 2,782 KB]

a_vm2825.png [Bitmap image. 2,522 KB]

Five slices from the Visible Female

avf1067a.png [Bitmap image. 3,105 KB]

avf1588a.png [Bitmap image. 3,335 KB]

avf1588b.png [Bitmap image. 3,332 KB]

avf1588c.png [Bitmap image. 3,325 KB]

avf2680a.png [Bitmap image. 2,917 KB]


Last Reviewed: April 12, 2019