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This exhibition was developed and produced by the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health with George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum, and Gardens

Exhibition Program

  • Patricia Tuohy

    Head, Exhibition Program
  • Jiwon Kim

    Exhibition Educator
  • Erika Mills

    Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Jill L. Newmark

    Exhibition Registrar
  • Nicole Orphanides

    Exhibition & Education Coordinator
  • Abigail Porter

    Exhibition & Education Coordinator
  • Dan Caughey

    Exhibition Coordinator (former)
  • Peter SanGeorge

    Intern (former)

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum and Gardens

  • Mrs. John F. Bookout III

    Regent, Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association
  • James C. Rees IV

    Former President and CEO
  • Carol Borchert Cadou

    Vice President for Collections
  • Rebecca A. Aloisi

    Vice President for Marketing
  • Nancy E. Hayward

    Director of Education Outreach
  • Melissa A. Wood

    Director of Media Relations
  • Dawn Bonner

    Administrative Specialist
  • Joan Stahl

    Former Head Librarian
  • Kurt A. Bodling

    Technical Services Librarian
  • Michele R. Lee

    Special Collections Librarian
  • Mary V. Thompson

    Research Historian

Education Contributors

  • Janet Collier

    Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation’s Capital, Washington,DC
  • Lynn Folk

    Myersville Elementary School, Myersville, MD
  • Anne Ledford

    Stuart-Hobson Middle School, Washington, DC
  • Scott Sherwood

    Belmont Ridge Middle School, Leesburg, VA
  • Lynn Wiegand

    North West High School, Germantown, MD
  • Natalie Zacek, PhD

    University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Creative Services

  • Howard + Revis Design Services

    Exhibition design
  • Link Studio

    Website development

Special Acknowledgments

History of Medicine Division

  • Jeffrey Reznick, PhD

    Chief, History of Medicine Division
  • Kenneth Koyle

    Deputy Chief
  • Elizabeth Mullen

    Web Programs
  • Roxanne Beatty

    Web Programs (former)
  • Thu Tran

    Pathways Intern

Office of Computer and Communications Systems

  • Wei Ma

    Chief, Applications Branch
  • Winston Churchill

    Applications Branch
  • Joe Potvin

    Applications Branch