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"Every Necessary Care and Attention" George Washington and Medicine presents the following classroom resources for K-12 educators and college/university faculty. The resources offer examples of how the rich content and primary sources in the exhibition can be used to promote students' developing content knowledge as well as higher order thinking skills. Educators are welcome to adapt these resources in whole or in part as they deem most appropriate for students' interests and academic goals.

Lesson Plans

George Washington: Primary Sources (5–8 grades) and George Washington and Medicine: Then and Now (7–9 grades), are two lesson plans featuring several primary and secondary sources from the online exhibition. The activities in each lesson engage students in examining and analyzing the source materials in order to discover and contextualize Washington's efforts in overseeing health and safety of many under his care in the American Revolutionary War and Early Republic eras.

The lesson plans are developed in collaboration with Janet Collier (Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation's Capital, Washington, DC), with contributions by the 2012 Teacher Institute participants—Lynn Folk (Myersville Elementary School, Myersville, MD), Anne Ledford (Stuart-Hobson Middle School, Washington, DC), Scott Sherwood (Belmont Ridge Middle School Leesburg, VA), and Lynn Wiegand (North West High School, Germantown, MD).

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Higher Education Modules

George Washington and Medicine is a module developed for undergraduate and graduate courses by Natalie Zacek, PhD, lecturer in American History at the University of Manchester. The module offers to college and university students and their professors a means by which to explore George Washington's experiences of medical theory and practice in the context of eighteenth-century America, in his own experience and in his roles as a head of household, military commander, and plantation owner. It takes the exhibition itself as a point of departure and builds upon it through suggestions regarding additional primary- and secondary-source readings, images, and possibilities for class discussion, with the aim of helping students to enrich and deepen their intellectual experience of the exhibition.

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Online Activities

Two activities offer a very close look at George Washington's personal dental items. A third activity makes available an 1860 publication in which the symptoms of Washington's last illness in 1799 and the treatments he received are detailed.

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Other Resources

The exhibition curators and a school librarian, Anne Ledford (Stuart-Hobson Middle School, Washington, D.C.) have suggested several readings and online resources so that you may continue exploring Washington's life.

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