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Lesson Plans

  • George Washington: Primary Sources

    grade level 5–8 | subject - history and social studies

    Photo of George Washington

    George Washington and Primary Sources is prepared in connection with the study of U.S. history, specifically the Revolutionary War period and George Washington. Students define what primary and secondary sources are. They then use and analyze several primary and secondary sources from the online exhibition to learn about how George Washington worked to ensure the health and safety of others under his care—troops, as well as family, servants, and slaves living at his Mount Vernon estate.

  • George Washington and Medicine: Then and Now

    grade level 7–9 | subject - history and social studies, health education

    photo of Medicine chest, typically containing glass bottles of medicine for common disorders

    George Washington and Medicine: Then and Now engages students in examining primary and secondary sources from the exhibition to learn about several health issues and treatments that George Washington dealt with in caring for those under his charge—troops, family, servants, and slaves. Students consider the knowledge and practice of medicine during the American Revolutionary and Early Republic eras. They investigate how those health issues are being understood and treated in our own time and present their findings in posters as well as in written essays.