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Online Activities

  • George Washington's Traveling Dental Kit

    Explore the Traveling Dental Kit

    George Washington utilized the services of dentists,and purchased tooth brushes and tooth powders. Here you can take a closer look at Washington's own traveling dental kit.

  • George Washington's Teeth

    View the Dentures

    Take a closer look at one of George Washington's many dentures. Afterwards, explore the George Washington Timeline interactive on Mount Vernon's website and learn more about how and from what his dentures were made. [hint: 1773 and 1783]

  • Title page of the Memoir of the Last Sickness of General Washington

    Read the Memoir

    Memoir on the last sickness of General Washington and its treatment by the attendant physicians offers detailed accounts of George Washington's last illness. It provides retrospective analyses of his symptoms and multiple treatments administered by doctors who attended him. This digitized item can be downloaded and viewed as a PDF.