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Collections: NLM Institutional Archives

History of Medicine Division Records

HMD serves NLM's rare books, archives, and exhibition functions. Holdings include pre-1914 books, pre-1871 journals, archives and modern manuscripts, medieval and Islamic manuscripts, a collection of printed books, manuscripts, and visual material in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean; historical prints, photographs, films, and videos; pamphlets, dissertations, theses, college catalogs, and government documents.

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Call NumberTitle
802 Exhibits and Publications, 1911-1995 (1 linear ft.)
806 General Correspondence, 1959-1991 (4.5 linear ft.)
0822 Film Log, 10 binders, 1963-1972
1997-028 Exhibit Files, 1960s-1990s (1.25 linear ft.)
1999-056 Reading room journals
2001-048 Register of readers, 1983-88
2001-050 Visiting Scholars Program, Applications (forms, cvs, correspondence, reports, applications, published materials and notes), 1984-1988 (0.42 linear ft.)
2001-052 Exhibit: “Death and Disease in the Neighborhood: Medical Maps of Washington, D.C., 1878-1909” (articles, clippings, correspondence, notes, movie script, copies of maps), 1991-1996 (0.42 linear ft.)
2001-053 Exhibit: “William Blake at the Library of Medicine” (articles, promotional materials, research files, drafts, correspondence, notes, and photographs), 1997-1998 (0.21 linear ft.)
2001-054 Exhibit: “If You Knew the Conditions...Healthcare to Native Americans” (articles, correspondence, notes, negatives, photographs, slides, promotional flyers, research files, biographical materials for Susan La Flesche Picotte, speech transcript, copies of documents used in exhibit), 1993-1994 (0.42 linear ft.)
2001-076 Exhibit - "Breath of Life" poster, signed by Jackie Joyner Kersey and Nancy Hogshead, 1999
2001-086-087 Exhibit management, incunabula collation, #312381, Petrus Hispanus, 1957
2001-088 James Cassedy Papers
2001-091 John B. Blake Papers (articles, memos, and a transcribed address), 1962-1982 (1 FF)
2001-092 William J. Wilson Memorandum (correspondence), 1949, 1957 (1 FF)
2001-093 50th Anniversary (correspondence between Richard A. Lyders, President of the Medical Libraries Association and John Parascandola, Ph.D. Chief of HMD), 1992 (1 FF)
2001-094 NIH Travel Policy (correspondence between Peter B. Hirtle, Curator, HMD and E. Jean Myers, Chief, Travel and Administrative Services Branch, office of Research), 1991 (1 FF)
2001-109 Correspondence, 1987-94
2001-113 Staff reprints, J. S. Billings notecards, 1966-83
2001-115 Time and Attendence Notebooks, 1988-1990 (4 linear ft., 15 Black books)
2001-155 John Shaw Billings Centennial. Papers, 1965
2002-001 Exhibit Files, 1946
2002-004 Exhibit files, 1946
2002-014 Correspondence. American Medical Imprints project, 1954-72
2002-029 Index catalogue. Index Foundation
2002-058 Hanks, Dorothy T. Ref. Librarian reprints, 1966-85
  Register of patrons in the reading room, 1943
  Incunabula exhibit, 1984
  NLM.LO.HMD.John Parascandola, Former chief, HMD
  NLM.LO.HMD. John Parascandola, Former chief, HMD, Blake, John
0732 Wyndham Miles oral histories, 1974-81
2002-049 Miles, Wyndham D. John Shaw Billings files, 1889, 1894, 1983-84
2002-059 Miles, Wyndham D. Miscellaneous Files, 1901-1992
MS C 431 Miles, Wyndham D. History of NLM papers
2009-001 NLM.LO.HMD. Deputy Chief Teigen
2008-020 NLM.LO.HMD. 5 year plan, 1975-1976
2005-001 NLM.LO.HMD. African American History Month lecture. Preston Reynolds
2005-030 NLM.LO.HMD. Annual Reports, 1943-1968
2008-017 NLM.LO.HMD. Art Section/P&P manual, 1951; 1960
2004-050 NLM.LO.HMD. Asian Collection Checklist Correspondence
2005-051 NLM.LO.HMD. Austin Pre-1820 Medical Imprints Revision Archives
2003-030 NLM.LO.HMD. Baatz, Simon. NLM history research files, 1966-2002
2006-050 NLM.LO.HMD. Cassedy, James, 1963-1968
2008-018 NLM.LO.HMD. Cataloging/processing manual, 1971-1975
2008-019 NLM.LO.HMD. Cataloging/processing manual, 1944-1957
2007-068 NLM.LO.HMD. Cleveland Bindery, 1944-1955
2005-045 NLM.LO.HMD. Exhibition Program. Changing the Face of Medicine Interviews
2010-003 NLM.LO.HMD.Exhibition Program. Exhibit production files
2003-034 NLM.LO.HMD. Gay/Lesbian/Homosexual/Transgender Awareness Month lecture, 2003
2003-035 NLM.LO.HMD. Gay/Lesbian/Homosexual/Transgender Awareness Month lecture, 2005
2005-002 NLM.LO.HMD. Gay/Lesbian/Homosexual/Transgender Awareness Month lecture. Martha Vicinus
2005-002/035 NLM.LO.HMD. Gay/Lesbian/Homosexual/Transgender Awareness Month lecture. Speaker. Martha Vicinus "From Inversion to Perversion", 2004
2013-030 NLM.LO.HMD.Histline records, 1976-2002
2008-010 NLM.LO.HMD. Index catalog digitization project
2006-004 NLM.LO.HMD. Monthly reports, 1976-1982
2009-037 NLM.LO.HMD. Quarterly reports, 1993-2002
2005-012 NLM.LO.HMD. Oral History Research, 1948-1981
2008-016 NLM.LO.HMD. Rare book binding contract specifications, ca. 1963
2005-003 NLM.LO.HMD. Seminar -"Osler as a medical historian" - Elizabeth Fee
2005-004 NLM.LO.HMD. Womens History Month lecture. Ellen More. "Sexual morality, cultural authority...."
2008-068 NLM.LO.HMD. 17th century books cataloging manual, 1963-1965
2008-062 NLM.LO.HMD. 50th anniversary celebration
2008-069 NLM.LO.HMD. Peter Krivatsy's cataloging manual, 1950-1976