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A TV reporter from WBAL TV holds a microphone out toward Kirk Bloodsworth in front of the Visible Proofs exhibition display. A cameraman captures the moment as Kirk gestures toward the panel titled Rescued from Death Row: Kirk Bloodsworth and the Innocence Project. A group of young people surround Victoria Cargill as she speaks in the Against the Odds exhibition gallery about AIDS activism.  Murals of demonstrators fill the background. A young woman looks at objects on display in the Against the Odds exhibition gallery about AIDS activism. An issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine is framed on the wall along with an ad that reads Don't go to bed with Cosmo and a graphic of a poster reads Women don't get AIDS they just die from it. A group of young people gather around an interactive station in the Visible Proofs exhibition. A lightbox that reads Experience Zone illuminates the background. Visitors gather around Life and Limb traveling exhibition banners installed in a Library.

The Exhibition Program at the National Library of Medicine strives to promote greater understanding and awareness of how the past informs the present and can shape the future.

Understand the past/Imagine the future

By creating exhibitions and educational resources about the social and cultural history of medicine, we encourage visitors of all ages to learn more about themselves and their communities. We seek to stimulate people’s enthusiasm for history and to nurture young professionals in history, education, museum studies, and the health professions.

What we do—today

The Exhibition Program creates lively and informative exhibitions and educational resources that enhance awareness of and appreciation for the collections of the National Library of Medicine. These exhibitions and educational resources engage diverse audiences and explore a variety of topics in the history of medicine. Exhibitions are featured onsite at the National Library of Medicine. In addition, we produce traveling exhibitions, which are made available free of charge to public, university, and medical libraries, as well as cultural centers across the country. Our permanent online exhibitions are augmented by multidisciplinary educational and career resources for educators and students in grades K through 12, and in colleges and universities.