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Collections: NLM Institutional Archives

Office of Computer and Communications Systems Records

OCCS develops and provides the NLM backbone computer networking facilities, and supports, guides, and assists other NLM components in local area networking. The Division provides professional programming services and computational and data processing facilities; operates and maintains the NLM Computer Center; designs and develops software; and provides extensive customer support, training courses and seminars, and documentation for computer and network users.

OCCS helps to coordinate, integrate, and standardize the vast array of computer services available throughout all of the organizations comprising NLM. The Division also serves as a technological resource for other parts of NLM and for other Federal organizations with biomedical, statistical, and administrative computing needs.

Call NumberTitle
2001-148 Readout, a weekly newsletter of Systems Support Section of OCCS, 1970-1990
2001-149 Manuals for Library Staff on the Use of OCCS Systems (Booklets, memoranda, bound soft cover instructional manuals), 1963-1989 (extent undetermined)