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Oral History Accessions

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Accession NumberTitleDates
1998-024/025 American Academy of Ophthalmology. Oral histories etc.  
0398 American College of Cardiology. Twenty-five years of American Cardiology.  
1999-023 American College of Cardiology. White, Paul Dudley.  
2005-019 Carville Leprosarium. Oral Histories 1995-97
2002-070 Coghill, Dr. n.d.
2009-064 Cohen, Stanley N. Oral history. 2009
0399/0405 Cummings, Martin M. Oral history.  
2010-021 DeVries, William. Interview 8/10/2010
2009-033 Indian Health Service. Gold book oral history collection.  
2006-031 Kaiser Permanente Medical Informatics Interview Collection. Robert Ledley interview 3/31/2005
2006-048 Medical Library Association Oral histories  
2010-028 "Medical Library Association. Medical Library Association. Oral History Section"  
2010-029 Moss, Ralph. Albert Szent-Gyorgi interview collection 1982-1983
0851 NLM. Adams, Scott. Papers. 1943-1983
0732 NLM. Wyndham Miles oral histories. 1974-81
0732 NLM.Oral history interviews by Wyndham D. Miles.  
0651 PHS, Centennial Archive, Oral Histories.  
0645 PHS, Centennial Archive, Oral Histories. 1988-89
2001-105 PHS, Centennial Archive, Oral Histories. 1988-89
0642 PHS, Centennial Archive, Oral Histories. 1998
2004-033 Prausnitz-Giles, Carl.  
2009-028/2002-098/2003-042/2013-010 Project Bionics Pioneer Interview Collection. Kantrowitz, Vroman, Bartlett, Kolff, Miller, Poirier  
2008-051 Robinson, Donald. Papers  

Last Reviewed: August 30, 2021