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NIH Extramural Program Oral History Collection

This oral history collection contains transcripts of interviews conducted by Stephen Strickland in 1986 and 1987 as part of a project, administered by the National Library of Medicine, to write a history of the extramural programs at the NIH. The interviews focus primarily on the origins and development of extramural programs—especially the grants programs—beginning with the establishment of the Division of Research Grants in 1946. The interviewees are former directors and other high-level administrators of the NIH and its institutes, all of whom played critical roles in the development of the extramural programs, and also recipients of NIH grants: Ernest M. Allen; Martin M. Cummings; Michael E. DeBakey; Kenneth M. Endicott; Donald S. Fredrickson; Irving Gerring and Morris Graff; Murray Goldstein; Jerome Green; John R. Heller; Ruth Kirschstein; Ralph Knutti; Ralph G. Meader; David E. Price; J. F. Sherman; F. L. Stone; James Wyngaarden; and J. Franklin Yeager.

Last Reviewed: April 12, 2017