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DDB (Diseases Database) - Synopsis

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The Diseases Database was developed and is maintained by Medical Object Oriented Software Enterprises LTD.

Diseases Database serves as way of classifying medical concepts along clinical axes, such as cause/effect, risk factors, interactions, etc., rather than in hierarchies of anatomical, physiological, or pathological systems.

Diseases Database is a cross-referenced index of human disease, medications, symptoms, signs, and abnormal investigation findings. The content focuses on internal medicine, inherited disease, clinical biochemistry, and pharmacology. Its terms are referred to as "items."

Medical practitioners and students are users of Diseases Database.

Update Frequency
Diseases Database is updated regularly.

Metathesaurus Update Frequency
Diseases Database was last updated in the Metathesaurus in 2001.

Sites Consulted
Diseases Database Ver 1.8 ; Medical lists and links [Internet]. London: Medical Object Oriented Software Enterprises Ltd.; [updated 2009 Nov 29; cited 2009 Dec 16]. Available from:; Frequently Asked Questions: