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PDQ (Physician Data Query) - Synopsis

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The Physician Data Query (PDQ®) cancer database was developed and is maintained by the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI).

PDQ is a comprehensive database designed to make accurate and up-to-date cancer information available for consumers and health professionals.

PDQ contains summaries on a wide range of cancer topics; a registry of 8000+ open and 19,000+ closed cancer clinical trials from around the world; and a directory of professionals who provide genetics services. PDQ also contains the NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms, with definitions for 6000+ cancer and medical terms, and the NCI Drug Dictionary, which has information on 1200+ agents used in the treatment of cancer or cancer-related conditions.

Metathesaurus Scope
The Metathesaurus representation of PDQ includes terms, definitions, synonyms, abbreviations, and other information for genes, chemical substances and drugs, treatments and therapies, and diagnostic procedures associated with cancer and cancer-related disorders.

PDQ is used by the general public and health professionals seeking cancer-related information.

Update Frequency
PDQ is updated regularly.

Metathesaurus Update Frequency
PDQ was last updated in the Metathesaurus in 2007.

Sites Consulted

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