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MEDCIN (MEDCIN) - Synopsis

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MEDCIN® was created and is maintained by Medicomp Systems, Inc., a corporation specializing in the development of point-of-care tools for electronic medical records.

MEDCIN is an electronic medical record engine designed to allow for rapid entry, retrieval and correlation of relevant clinical information at the point of care, and to enable applications to store medical information as coded data elements and produce narrative reports from the same data.

The MEDCIN medical terminology encompasses symptoms, history, physical examination, tests, diagnoses, and therapies.

Many clinical hierarchies exist in MEDCIN. These have been defined by the linkage of MEDCIN data elements to describe many diagnoses in the diagnostic index. This clinical relationship approach of MEDCIN is in contrast to the word (semantic) relationship focus of reference terminologies.

MEDCIN contains clinical data elements encompassing symptoms, history, physical examination, tests, diagnoses, and therapies.

Metathesaurus Scope
The Metathesaurus representation of MEDCIN includes concepts, descriptions, a hierarchy, and SNOMED CT® mappings.

MEDCIN is used by clinicians and clinical application developers.

Update Frequency
MEDCIN is updated regularly throughout the year. Updated files are released at least twice per year.

Metathesaurus Update Frequency
MEDCIN is an updated source in each Metathesaurus release.

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