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OMS (Omaha System) - Synopsis

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The Omaha System was developed by the Visiting Nurse Association of Omaha in Nebraska and is maintained by the Omaha System Board of Directors.

The Omaha System is used to document client needs, describe practitioner interventions, and measure client outcomes.

The Omaha System consists of three components designed to be used together. The Problem Classification Scheme is used for client assessment; the Intervention Scheme is used for health-related care plans and services; and the Problem Rating Scale for Outcomes is used for client progress evaluation.

The Problem Classification Scheme consists of signs and symptoms grouped hierarchically into 42 problem classes within 4 domains. The four domains are Environmental, Health-Related Behaviors, Physiological, and Psychosocial.

The Omaha System is used by educators, practitioners, and researchers in many different healthcare-related fields.

Update Frequency
The Omaha System is updated irregularly; it was last updated in 2005.

Metathesaurus Update Frequency
The Omaha System was last updated in the Metathesaurus in 2007.

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