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SNMI (SNOMED Intl 1998) - Synopsis

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The Systemized Nomenclature of Human and Veterinary Medicine: SNOMED® International was developed by the College of American Pathologists. SNOMED International intellectual property rights were transferred to the SNOMED Standards Development Organisation (SDO) in the formal creation of the IHTSDO (International Health Terminology SDO).

SNOMED International is a comprehensive nomenclature used to capture patient encounters in electronic health systems.

SNOMED International concepts are organized into 12 axes. The 12 axes are:

  1. Chemicals, Drugs and Biological Products,
  2. Diseases/Diagnoses,
  3. Function,
  4. General Linkage/Modifiers,
  5. List of Pharmaceutical Companies,
  6. Living Organisms,
  7. Morphology,
  8. Occupations,
  9. Physical Agents, Forces, and Activities,
  10. Procedures,
  11. Social Context, and
  12. Topography.

SNOMED International has been superseded by the Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine – Reference Terminology (SNOMED RT®). SNOMED RT has been merged with Clinical Terms Version 3 (CTV3), also known as Read Codes, resulting in the creation of SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT®). For more information about SNOMED CT in the Metathesaurus, see the SNOMED CT source synopsis.

SNOMED International is used by clinicians, nurses, researchers, and other health professionals.

Metathesaurus Update Frequency
SNOMED International was last updated in the Metathesaurus in 1999.

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