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CCC (Clinical Care Classification) - Source Representation

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Summary of Changes

File format: In collaboration with Dr. Virginia Saba, the NLM developed a simplified file format for UMLS source processing. The files reflect content changes, but there is no change to the data elements as compared to CCC2_5. These files will be available at http://www.sabacare.com in both Excel and delimited text format. Contact Dr. Saba for access information.

Metathesaurus soruce processing: SCUIs are no longer assigned due to ambiguity. Relationships are attached to AUIs rather than SCUIs.


File Name Description
action_modifiers.txt Action Types to expand the scope of the Intervention
care_components.txt Classify the CCC Terminologies
diagnoses.txt Nursing diagnoses/problems
interventions.txt Core nursing interventions
outcome_qualifiers.txt Expected or actual outcome qualifiers

Source-Provided Files: Details


Field Representation
Modifier Action Type Not directly processed; indicates type of modifier (currently always "Action Type").
Modifier Code MRCONSO.CODE
Modifier Name MRCONSO.STR; TTY = MP
Modifier Description MRDEF.DEF


Field Representation
Component Letter Code MRCONSO.CODE
Component Letter Name MRCONSO.STR; TTY = HT
Component Description MRDEF.DEF


Field Representation
Diagnosis Code (includes Component Letter Code) MRCONSO.CODE
Diagnosis Name MRCONSO.STR; TTY = PT
Diagnosis Definition/Description MRDEF.DEF


Field Representation
Intervention Code (includes Component Letter Code) MRCONSO.CODE
Intervention Name MRCONSO.STR; TTY = PT
Intervention Definition/Description MRDEF.DEF


Field Representation
Qualifier Type Used to assign RELA (actual_outcome_of or expected_outcome_of)
Qualifier Code MRCONSO.CODE
Qualifier Name MRCONSO.STR; TTY = MP
Qualifier Definition/Description MRDEF.DEF

Additional notes:

Two additional "placeholder" concepts are created during Metathesaurus source processing to build the hierarchy:

MRCONSO.STR: Interventions
MRCONSO.STR: Diagnoses

Relationships are created between:
Diagnoses and appropriate modifiers:
REL=AQ; RELA=actual_outcome_of/has_actual_outcome

REL = AQ; RELA = expected_outcome_of/has_expected_outcome

Interventions and appropriate modifiers:
REL = AQ; RELA = modifies/modified_by