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NANDA-I (NANDA-I) - Source Representation

This page lists specific source data elements and provides information on their representation in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

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Summary of Changes:

The previous version of NANDA was NAN2004. Significant changes have been made to the file format and to Metathesaurus source processing.

SAB Change:
  • previous: RSAB = "NAN"
  • new: RSAB = "NANDA-I"
TTY changes:
  • previous: "RT" was assigned to atoms created by parsing instructions to further specify a diagnosis
  • new:"RT" is now assigned to atoms created from "Phrase"values
Deprecated ATNs:
  • REF: References no longer provided
  • DEFCHARACTERISTICS, RELATEDFACTORS, RISKFACTORS: Now represented as atoms, with TTY = "RT." The RT atom has a relationship to its PT, based on the value of the DC/Ref/RiF field.
New ATNs:
Deprecated REL/RELA: RO/<null>. These were created to connect PT and RT atoms

New REL|RELA/Inverse_RELA:The following relationships are now created based on the value of the DC/ReF/RiF field

  • RO|defining_characteristic_of/has_defining_characteristic
  • RO|related_factor_of/has_related_factor
  • RO|risk_factor_of/has_risk_factor

Source Provided Files:

File Name Description
2015-2017-NANDA-I_Eng_Def-and-Class_Dx.xlsx Data file

Source-Provided Files: Details

The following is a list of fields in the NANDA-I source file:

Field Description Representation
Domain - Tax 2 Domain code and name
There are 13 Domains, representing the top of the hierarchy
Example: 01. Health Promotion
MRCONSO.STR = Value of string after the "."
e.g. "Health Promotion"
MRCONSO.CODE = Numeric value before the "." Leading zeroes stripped. (e.g. "1" for "Health Promotion")
Class - Tax 2 Class code and name
There are 40 Classes, representing the second level of the hierarchy
1. Attention
1. Caregiving Roles
1. Growth
1. Health Awareness
MRCONSO.STR = Value of string after the "."
e.g. "Attention"
MRCONSO.CODE = Domain concatenated with Class Code, using a "_"
"1. Attention" is under the domain "05. Perception / Cognition"
The code for "Attention" is "5_1"
Diagnosis Label
Diagnosis Name
MRCONSO.CODE = Diagnosis Code value
Revision Year May have multiple YYYY values for a single diagnosis, e.g. "1986, 2004, 2006 DATE_MODIFIED
LOE Criteria Indicates the level of effort NANDA put into reviewing a submitted diagnosis Not included in Metathesaurus source processing
Definition MRDEF.DEF
Diagnosis Code 5-digit numeric code, e.g. 00113 MRCONSO.CODE for PT atom
DC/ReF/RiF Indicates whether the "Current Phrase" in this row is a "Defining Characteristic," "Related Factor," or "Risk Factor." Used to assign the RELA between PT and RT atoms as follows:
DC: has_defining_characteristic/defining_characteristic_of
ReF: has_related_factor/related_factor_of
RiF: has_risk_factor/risk_factor_of
Subcategory Within DC/Ref/RiF, this indicates a subheading. MRSAT.ATN = SUBCATEGORY.
Attached to the RUI for the relationship between the PT and RT.
Current Phrase (2015-2017) Phrase associated with a given diagnosis MRCONSO.STR
MRCONSO.CODE = Phrase Code
Previous Phrase (2012-2014) Not included in Metathesaurus source processing
Phrase Code 5-digit numeric code MRCONSO.CODE for RT atom