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NEU (Neuronames Brain Hierarchy) - Metathesaurus Representation

This page lists UMLS Metathesaurus data elements and traces them back to the specific source data that populates them.

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VSAB: NEU2016_06_14

Summary of Changes

No changes in this version.

Original Files:

File Name Description
NeuroNames_06142016.xml XML file of standard names, synonyms, acronyms, URLs, and codes.


  • CODE: brainInfoID
  • SAUI: Not applicable
  • SCUI: brainInfoID
  • SDUI: Not applicable


Term Type Description Suppressibility Status Origin
ACR Acronym Y R standardAcronym field
IS Obsolete Synonym O N synonym field
OP Obsolete Preferred Name O N standardName field
PT Preferred Name N N standardName field
SY Synonym N N synonym field

Attributes (MRSAT)

Attribute Name Origin
BRAININFO_URL brainInfoURL field
CNID cNID field
NSR species restriction data stripped from the PT/OP and SY/IS
TRANSLATION synonym and synonymLanguage field

Relationships (MRREL)

Source Relationship Relationship Label/Inverse Relationship Label Description
(no rela) There are no CONTEXTS.
NEU SFO/LFO has_expanded_form/expanded_form_of Connects the Acronym (TTY=ACR) with its expanded form (TTY=PT).

Definitions (MRDEF)

There are no definitions.

Mappings (MRMAP)

There are no mappings present.