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  • Collaboration has been the foundation of the Physician Assistant (PA) profession since the first three PAs graduated from Duke University in 1967. PAs practice medicine alongside doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals, treating patients in diverse communities and addressing health care shortages. Physician Assistants: Collaboration and Care describes how the profession developed as a solution to meet the social and health care needs of the mid-20th century and continues to evolve today.

    Physician Assistants is a display of six roll-up graphic banners. For more information, join the NLM Traveling Exhibitions listserv.

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  • First, join the NLM Traveling Exhibitions listserv to receive notification when the opportunity to apply for an exhibition opens up. Then, do the following.

    • Develop programs that showcase NLM health information resources and complement Physician Assistants: Collaboration and Care. Below, you’ll find examples of the types of programming ideas you can implement depending on your community’s needs and institution’s resources.
    • Partner with your Network of National Library of Medicine (NNLM) members and other organizations in your community for support and collaboration.
    • After receiving the listserv post announcing the opportunity to apply for the exhibition, complete the NLM Traveling Exhibition application attached to the email. Describe programming plans, partnerships, and strategies focused around NLM health information resources, which you will implement while hosting Physician Assistants: Collaboration and Care.
    • Submit your completed NLM Traveling Exhibition application to
    • Watch your inbox for notification 6-8 weeks after the application deadline. NLM will select 14 host sites based on the quality of public programming plans integrating NLM health information resources described in the applications and post the itineraries on the listserv after confirming with the selected host venues.

    Find a detailed description of the NLM Traveling Exhibitions application process here.

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  • NLM offers high-quality, reliable biomedical and health information through print collections and electronic resources.

    Put NLM health information resources at the core of the programming plans you describe in your application to host an exhibition. Develop programs that are relevant, accessible, and practical for you and your community. The following ideas exemplify how this can be done:

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  • Institutions do the following as part of hosting NLM traveling exhibitions.

    • Implement relevant, accessible programming plans and outreach strategies that showcase NLM health information resources, as described in your NLM Traveling Exhibition application.
    • Display the exhibition in a safe, secure environment out of direct sunlight.
    • Complete and return the Traveling Exhibition Condition Report within one week of receiving the exhibition.
    • Make the exhibition available to the public free of charge.
    • Arrange and pay for outgoing shipping the exhibition to the next host venue via a trackable, three-day service ($300-$700 estimated cost).
    • Complete and submit the Traveling Exhibition Host Venue Report, along with additional publicity and program materials you created for the traveling exhibition and its supplementary events, within two weeks of closing.
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Last Reviewed: May 14, 2021