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Genealogy: Archival and Manuscripts Collections

Archival and Manuscripts Collections

Archival and manuscript collections related to genealogy and biographies can be located through NLM’s online catalog, LocatorPlus.

MS C 44

U.S. Army Surgeon General’s Office Autobiographical Sketches of Medical Officers (MS C 44): The Surgeon General of the Army’s Office issued Circular Letter no. 20, War Department, on April 15, 1924. It was sent to all current and retired officers of the United States Army Medical Corps and required each of them, upon their retirement from the Army, to submit a brief account of their life history to the Librarian of the Army Medical Library. The sketches are of officers active between 1870–1940. Includes some medical officers from other branches of the military service and public health officers. Since the circular letter did not specify how detailed the accounts should be, sketch contents vary. Some contain extensive autobiographical narratives while others provide the equivalent of a resume. Information predating 1924 is the product of the Library’s construction of certain notable medical officers’ files and was not submitted by the officers themselves. Each file entry contains rank, birth and/or death dates, and sketch submission date(s).

MS C 55

Biographical Data on American Physicians with the Name of “Mudd” (MS C 55): A 34 page manuscript by Richard Mudd documenting American physicians who shared his last name.

MS F 119

Obituary Clippings of Medical Officers who died in World War I. United States Army Medical Dept., 1917–1919. (MS F 119)

MS C 162

U.S. Army Surgeon General’s Office Autobiographical Sketches of Naval Medical Officers (MS C 162): Physicians included are M.H. Axline, John W. Baker, Lloyd Byron Baldwin, George Edward Barksdale, Coleridge Livingston Beaven, William W. Behlow, Andrew John Bowman, William Clarence Braisted, Emory A. Bryant, W.H. Bucher, Bernard J. Callahan, Abner T. Clopton, William Neal Cogan, Howard C. Curtis, Alfred L. Eldridge, Paul F. Eve, E. J. Eytinge, George Franklin Freeman, Charles Courtney Grieve, Alfred G. Grunwell, W.H. Huntington, Burt Franklin Jenness, Herbert C. Kincaid, Reuben L. Larson, Robert James Lawler, Philip Leach, Arthur Lederer, Frank, E. Leslie, Oscar S. Levin, James Farquharson Leys, Rudolph Ignatius Longabaugh, Henry McDonald, Paul Ewing McDonnald, W.M. Miller, Kenneth Earle Neese, Earle Wood Phillips, Frederic Nelson Pugsley, Norman A. Ross, Paul R. Stalnaker, Frank O. Stoakes, M.S. Stover, Sneed Strong, Allan Stuart, Richard Lightburn Sutton, Lewis H. Wheeler, and Charles E. Yoho.

MS B 169

Ireland, Merritte Weber. Biographical sketches of Jefferson Medical College graduates who served in the Civil War. (MS B 169): Includes an account of the participation of graduates in the World War, 1914–18, and a list of “Jefferson Medical College graduates in the service of the United States Army.”

MS C 274

National League for Nursing Archives, 1894–1952 (MS C 274): Collection Includes proceedings of annual conventions, minutes of meetings, biographical data of early leaders, correspondence, photos, and miscellaneous material.

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