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Category D - Chemicals and Drugs

Indexing Chemicals

MeSH contains thousands of chemicals, so it is likely that the specific chemical in a given article can be found by searching the MeSH Browser.

Simple Chemicals
In IMS, the indexer simply starts to type the name of the chemical, and then picks it from the automatic scroll-down list. The indexer can also go to the MeSH Browser, type the name of the chemical, and search for the exact term. For example, the drug Propranolol can be readily found using either method.

Complex Chemicals
For more complex chemical names, especially those containing combinations of letters, numbers, and punctuation, the use of the scroll-down list in the IMS Browser is not very efficient. It is better to look for such chemicals by searching fragments using the MeSH browser.


Steps to find this term
  1. Search the most distinctive fragments: Dihydro pyrazol amine
  2. Click on “All Terms” and select “SubString” and “All Fragments”
  3. Search returns several terms - the first one is correct

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Last Reviewed: March 7, 2019